Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Morgan's Extreme Trail Run

May 12, 2013

There could not have been a more beautiful spring morning with the sun shining, not a cloud in the sky, a little fog around and temps around 50.  It was a beautiful Mother's Day morning and my Mom would have loved it so to celebrate I decided to go run with my friends in the inaugural Morgan's Extreme Trail Run.  The Morgan's are outdoorsmen to the core and really know how to get people outside.  The trail started at their campground location along the Little Miami National Scenic River and went through the Morgan's childhood homeland.  This had to be one of the most scenic trails I have ever been on.  The hills were incredible but not too hard to run on.  The difference was they weren't straight up but more like switchbacks, that is until the downhills.  The rain from the entire week leading up to this made the trail very muddy but I'm ok with this.  Since this was just a trail run and not a mud run or obstacle course race, most of the runners were just that, runners and not really prepared for the mud.  My Inov-8 212's were made to rock terrain like this where most people were slipping and sliding.  I had to chuckle as I was running on a flat part of the trail that was more swamp than anything and most people were trying to sidestep the mud and water while I simply ran right down the middle of it.  After having ran the Mud Stash the day before, this trail was easy in comparison.  The downside was I had a pulled muscle in my right leg from the day before and it was killing me so I wasn't going to make any great time on this run but I was going to at least finish.  The downhill portions were full of extreme pain and I probably walked more than I ran but I enjoyed it all the same.  The best part was I could run with my phone and headphones listening to music, not something I get to enjoy on an OCR.

The best part of this run was I got to enjoy meeting some more of the Crazy Mudder Muckers; Brandon Lee (Hallowed Punk), Kasmira Thompson and Jennifer Carper.  Looking forward to next years run.

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