Monday, June 3, 2013

Mud Stash - May 11, 2013

I know I'm a little late getting this out there but I'm new to this whole 'blog' thing.

I will start off by stating that the 2013 Spring Mud Stash at Perfect North Slopes set a new personal record for me.  The course was slightly different this year but the hills were still there and still rough.  The Spring Stash and the Fall Stash are ran in the opposite direction of each other and for some reason the Spring Stash seems much more difficult.  The major obstacle this year was the ENTIRE course!  Having rained for the entire week leading up to the Stash, the course was nothing but that suck-your-shoes-off-with-every-step kind of mud and with the slight course change it actually measured out to 3.75 miles instead of 3.15.  The actual obstacles were a welcomed rest from the muddy trails.  It was misting rain the entire time and the temperature ranged from 45 to 50 degrees and seemed to drop as the day went on.  Oh well!  Embrace the SUCK!!!  So I took off at 9:00 a.m. with fellow Cornfed Spartans to try and get a competitive time.  Special thanks to Devon Brown, Brian Ballard and Jason Reed, these guys are true athletes and kept me chasing them the entire time.  As a result, at last check, we took 2nd, 8th, 13th and 18th out of 791 respectively.  This is by far a personal best for me and a HUGE proud moment with a time of 54 minutes.  Never in my life would I expect to be able to compete on these courses at that level after only one year.  The worst part about the entire course was the dumpster full of ice at the end.  WOW!!!

With my goal for 2013 being the Spartan Trifecta, I know that I need to be able to literally go the distance.  After the competitive run, there were several other Crazy Mudder Muckers and Cornfed Spartans there ready to take on the course so I decided to go around again.  This time would just be for fun and ended up taking about 1 hour 45 minutes but it was so worth it.  I proved to myself that I could survive the hardships of distance .. and again that damned ice bath at the end.  The bad news was I slightly pulled a muscle in my right leg going downhill the second time around and I was scheduled to run Morgan's Extreme Trail Run the very next day.  Onward and upward.

Big shout out to Jennifer Jarvi for making a second trip around the mountain!!!

Looking forward to the Night Stash on June 29.

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