Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Waterfront Challenge - 2013

Louisville, Kentucky - June 22, 2013

I don't know if I made a mistake or not.  I signed up for most of the events I will do this year, back in the winter and some of them before the first of the year.  The Waterfront Challenge in Louisville was one of those.  Then! super cool looking events like Mudderland and Tame The Terrain come along on the same day and I'm already committed.  I registered for The Waterfront Challenge because it looked like just a fun, simple (maybe easy) event and you need one of those every once in a while.  Many months back, they ran a contest on Facebook for a free entry and I won.  I was already registered so I signed my son up to do this one with me, unbeknownst to him.  So we leave around lunch time and have lunch on the Ohio River at the Christian Moerlein Lager House at The Banks in Cincinnati.  Excellent food.  Then we headed to Louisville with plenty of time to spare, hanging out on the banks of The Ohio River just a bit downstream from where we started.

Head to registration and fellow Crazy Mudder Mucker Juffrey Turley, who is from Louisville, is working the event so he can run for a greatly reduced price.  Will Work For Races!!  After check-in, another Crazy Mudder Mucker, Jascia Redwine, meets up with us.  We were scheduled to go in the 6:00 wave but decided that we would go in the 5:45 instead.  My son Kameron has taken a liking to being Superman(kid) at these events.  After the first set of obstacles, stair climb and roadblock dodging, we approached a dumpster that you were supposed to climb in and out of.  They didn't put it close enough to the curb and there was about an 18" gap that I didn't see and fell off the curb, twisting my ankle from the beginning.  That really sucked and fortunately I was ok but put a little scare in me.  Lots more running, bobbing and weeving through the parks and then we had to jump about 30 yards in a potato sack, NOT as easy as it sounds.  More park running, jumping through tires and then you come upon a very large field with a pile of tires.  The goal was to carry a tire around this marked field that was slightly less than the distance of a track around a football field.  Embrace the suck!  More running, over and under semi trailers, more running, more tire stepping, up and down hills and more running then a steep hill with a couple of Army drill instructors at the top that are yelling at you as soon as you come into sight.  Drop and give me 15 and they'd better be perfect!    Sir, yes sir!!  They really didn't like the Warrior Dash Superman cape that my son was wearing because is says National Guard on it so they were extra hard on him, hehehehehehehehe.  I was not egging them on either, NOT.  Running through narrow trails through the woods and more up/down hills the trail narrows to a row of picnic tables, at least 10, with hills in between them.  This was cool and a potential ankle breaker.  You had to go up and over each table.  Jascia somehow missed this set of obstacles but I'm not sure how, check them out on the video Jascia.  More running, more hills and you come upon a 25' battle rope with a 25 lb. sand bag at the end.  Stationary pull the rope and ultimately the sand bag all the way to you then pick up the sand bag and carry back to the end.  Simple task but not as easy as you would think when you're over 2 miles into a course.  I think the next obstacle was by far the worst.  There was a pile of barbell weights, 25 to 45 lbs., that you had to pick one up, lift it over your head (not resting on your head) and do full lunges (knee to the ground) for about 30 yards.  Embrace the SUCK!!!  and it did REALLY suck but we are near the end.  One of the last set of obstacles were a series of a flatbed semi trailer that you had to go over or under and two cars, bumper to bumper, that you had to climb over, all this times 2.  I chose to crawl under the trailer then one-footed leaped to the top of car, stepped as hard as I could on the second car, being sure to leave a big dent in the hood and then the dismount.  Same thing on the next set but after I was done, I was thinking I should have at least Bo Duke'd one of the car sets.  Oh well, next year.  The second to last obstacle looked fairly simple.  A bunch of cornhole sets.  What could this possibly be?  You learn very quickly that this one really sucks too.  One bag!  One hole!  or 10 burpees.  Being a little winded after 3 miles my aim and judgement was a little off.  I will say it again, I HATE BURPEES!!  The final obstacle was a fun climb up a 40 foot tall inflatable slide with a waterfall at the beginning and then down the other side.  I must have been carrying a lot of extra weight because I went down that thing with such speed I thought I was going to go right off the end.  AHHH!!  The finish line and a really cool piece of bling for the collection.

Although very fun, this event was not near as easy as I thought it would be.  It was more like a bootcamp class spread out across 5 kilometers.  Several of the stations were designed and manned by a local crossfit gym and another by the U.S. Army but we survived to do it again.  I highly recommend this event to everyone.  Next time, I will make sure to stay the night in Louisville and cool down at 4th Street Live afterwards.

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