Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mudocalypse - Indiana 2013

Blue River Farm, Greenfield, Indiana - September 28, 2013

When the guys at Mudocalypse announced another new OCR event, I was hoping that this would not be just some other group trying to jump on the bandwagon.  I also was very lucky and won a contest on Twitter for a free entry.  I was excited that it would be at Haspin Acres where the Indiana Spartan Sprint has been held for the last 2 years and then 1 month before the event they announced a venue change.  It was now going to be another hour away on the same land that Rebel Race was held last year.  We won't talk about the quality of Rebel Race.  As the concepts of the event were released, I was intrigued.  At obstacle points along the way, you would be required to make decisions to go left or right.  One way may be shorter and the other may be longer.  One direction may have less obstacles while the other may have more.  This concept is very unique and I was excited to see what it would be like.  

Parking was pretty standard, in a corn field and had to pay the farmer $10.  Check in was very organized and quick and the amount of swag in the goodie bag was great.

Before the race, we were told that the longest possible route was around 8 miles and the shortest around 3.  We watched the competitive wave leave and it was exactly 16 minutes and 31 seconds later that the first competitor crossed the finish line.  This guy obviously chose the shortest route possible and it was not 3 miles.  We decided that we would do everything we could to take the longest route possible.  The very first obstacle was this incredibly tight, low-crawl.  There was little to no room to move on this one as it was covered with solid wood, not wire or anything like that.  This made all that core work necessary.  At the end, there was 2 exit spots, depending on which exit you took, you were going to the right or to the left, and the game was on.  We all chose left since it was towards the outside of the course, assuming to the right and inside of the course would be shorter.  For most of the run the terrain was well used and thank goodness finally for a flat event.  The many creeks around this property made for some great water running.  The construction of the obstacles was high quality.  For the many 7' walls, and there were many, instead of a true 'wall' with a top that you could jump and grab, these were made of huge, heavy duty crates stacked on top of each other.  The top was a flat 3' deep surface making it very difficult to run and jump.  They had 2 reverse walls, one shorter than the other, several hurdles and a few regular climbing walls.  Overall, the obstacles were plentiful and of sound quality.  Every time we came to a decision making point, we would ask the volunteer working there if they knew which path was the longer one and would always take that.  One thing I really enjoyed was when we emerged from woods and one of the creek runs, we came out into an open field that was maybe 50 acres.  The volunteer there told us that the longer route was to the left.  As we made our way around the perimeter of field, we could see several other people at different points throughout the field, taking different routes and going over different obstacles.  This would be the coolest site ever if there were 1000 participants in that field.

I have to give these guys BIG props.  In an industry that is struggling to find it's happy medium, especially in this part of the country, these guys pressed on to get this event off the ground.  With only a little over 100 registrants, any other event organizer would have cancelled, It's been happening all too much lately, but these guys are committed enough to put this event on for the people that did register and get the first event under their belt.  I'm very interested in what the next event has to offer and would recommend everyone give it a try.

The event organizers are all ex-military and the events serve the charity Wish For Our Heroes.  

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