Monday, June 9, 2014

To Pre-Register or Not To Pre-Register? THAT is the question.

So we've all been burned at one time or another with this whole 'pre-register' ploy from events.  What they are doing is using this as a gauge as to whether or not they will lose their ass if they come to your state and put on an event.  Are they really that unsure of themselves?  Is their event really that bad that they aren't even sure if they can break even?  Maybe they should just leave the business all together and leave it to the professionals.  Most of these events don't even give dates or locations as to when the proposed event might happen.

Spartan Race has a requirement that any event obtain approximately 10,000 pre-registrations before they will commit to it.  If you look at the current Spartan Race schedule for 2015, there are no events that you can actually register for.  Every event for 2015 is currently under pre-registration.  Really?  It's halfway through 2014 already!

How exactly are people supposed to plan their personal event schedule when Spartan won't commit to their fans?  Does Tough Mudder do this?  NO!  There is currently only 1 event for Tough Mudder listed as 'pre-register' and it's for Tokyo.  I may not be the biggest fan of Tough Mudder, because of the outrageous cost, but they know how to run a business and run it well.  They know how to take care of their customers and it shows.  They consistently sell out venues with anywhere from 8000 to 15000 participants and almost always run the event for the entire weekend.  They only have one style of event and that's what they deliver to their fans.  Tough Mudder will create their schedule 1 year in advance, and if the event is successful, you can register for the following year the day of the current event.  So why doesn't Spartan do this?  Is this the Reebok influence?  Where's the commitment to the Spartan fan base?  In addition to this poor organization, there are parts of the country starving for attention from Spartan while Tough Mudder spreads the love all over.  Following are maps of Spartan and Tough Mudder locations.  While it may appear that Spartan covers quite a bit of the country, keep in mind that they have 3 level of events and are constantly promoting their trifecta.  If your were to remove the Super (blue) and Beast (green) placemarks on the map, you would see there are areas of the country starving for attention.  Even worse is if you remove the Sprint (red) placemarks.  You run a Sprint and then Spartan is shoving the trifecta carrot out in front of you but the closest Super or Beast could be 8 to 20 hours or more away.

Spartan 2014 event map

2014 Tough Mudder Event Map

I say we take a stand against this tactic from all events and refuse to pre-register.  If you don't get a Spartan, or Superhero, or other national event in your state, it's really no big deal because there are hundreds of local events that tend to be much better than any of the travelling circus acts.  If you need to find one, remember to look under the Event Maps section of our website.!event-map/c20kb

If everyone refuses to pre-register for any 2015 Spartan Race, what will they do?  Will they quit having races?  I seriously doubt that.  Take a stand, unite in one common voice against this practice and don't pre-register.  I guarantee your voice will be heard and Spartan will be forced to change their ways.

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